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Pet Education Videos

Here at Abel Pet Clinic, we advise AVMA-produced videos with instructions and suggestions for preventative healthcare.

cat siting on ground

Learn from Dr. Kelly Byam

Puppy's First Vet Visit

FAQs on Dental Health for Dogs and Cats
Dog Flu Vaccines Pt. 1
Dog Flu Vaccines Pt. 2
Proper Pup Paw Care
Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer

Pet Health Videos

Blood Tests For Pets
Flea And Tick Preventives
Heartworm Prevention
Obesity And Your Pet
Spaying And Neutering: The Responsible Thing To Do
Vaccines: Protecting Your Pets

Dentistry Videos

How To Brush Your Pet's Teeth
Periodontal Disease

Pet Safety Videos

Dogs In Parked Cars: A Dangerous Mix
Microchip IDs: Help Return Lost Pets
Preventing Dog Bites
Summer Hazards For Pets