Wellness Plans

Feline Kitten Wellness Plan

Here at Abel Pet Clinic, the Feline Kitten Wellness Plan is a great cost-effective option for providing your pet’s care. If you have any questions, please contact us or schedule an appointment.

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Why does your kitten need preventive care?

Kittens need frequent veterinary care in their first year of life to ensure maximum health. Our kitten wellness plan saves you money on the total cost of necessary preventive care and treatments. Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy to manage your kitten’s healthcare costs.

Illness is more common than you think

Kittens are highly susceptible to diseases because their immune systems aren’t yet fully developed. It’s important to vaccinate and deworm your kitten on a regular schedule in order to provide maximum protection against contagious diseases.

Growing kittens need special care

Playful as they are, kittens are actually quite delicate and can suffer from a number of health problems in their first year. They need to be examined frequently to make sure their growth and development are on the right track.

Prevention is the key to better health

Preventive care can help set the foundation for a lifetime of good health, so you and your kitten can spend more quality years together. It’s essential for detecting diseases early on before they become more serious – and more expensive.

Save over $459 by signing up for our Kitten Plan!